Saturday, July 26, 2008


When I stepped into the church which looked pretty beautiful this morning,I was immediately touched by the singing of people.Everybody looked full of happiness and we received welcome sight.Sitting on the second row,I listened to everything seriously.The church choir's singing really inspired me deeply because I can feel their love and godliness.Childre's singing,dancing and the nicety charactors--grace,persistance,light,power,united--makes me feel growing up in such circumstance is a great happiness. That grace lady's voice just like a wild wind blowed into my heart and made me feel warm and calm.Today I can see that church is a pure land of everybody.You can put down all your burdan and bother here.People just listen,feel,comunicate,dedicate with their heart.What makes a great impression on me is that American people are very sincerely and warmhearted.I love their smile!I want to say again:I like the church!I like American people!

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