Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today, we have a chance to have a tour on a typical American farm. It is really rewarding to be there, since it is really like a dream world in Alice wonderland, which blue is the sky, white is the cloud, green are the corns swinging with the bat of the wind. Nothing can be compared with the moment you lay down on the farm and do nothing at all, just relaxing. I appreciate the atmosphere in the farm which air is fresh, wind is tender and more important people are so kind to us.
I spend the whole afternoon talking with two students of BaLin. It is the first time that I find that I can talk a lot with a stranger, especially a foreigner. There are no disgusting, no uncomfortable, just like the friends we knew each other for a long time. When I spoke, he just smile and nod sometimes, looking me in the eyes. It is amazing that we share so many same topic with each other, such as music, history, politics and so on. When you walk in the dreamland and talk with a nice guy at the same time, you may be unconscious about the time, you may forget your sadness and find the true fun of life.

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