Monday, July 21, 2008

Get involved!

What is the wonderful way to study English? Maybe it is to use it, speak it,and be involved in it. Today I think we have got a new way to learn English. Susy and Bill divided us into 11 teams to do the Scavenger Information Hunt. We needed to find the buildings on the map of OSU, and then get more information for it. In the process, we had to communicate with other people we didn’t know before. It is to say it indeed may help improving our oral English. For example, when we didn’t find the building we were searching for, we must go to ask someone else. It is fortunately that everyone here was so kind that they always paid attention to our questions whatever my sentenses were poor or not and gave answers again and again until I understood it. Thanks for these kind people. I have got the idea what the language is. The language is just a tool that makes people from different countries communicate with each other. So don’t be shy. Just sound out what you think, what you want to say. Don’t take a lot of time to think about whether your sentenses are right or wrong. That’s OK! Maybe just a phrase or one word by one word, people you are talking to may understand you. That’s it, and that’s the language for. So come on, let’s get involved.

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Bill Holschuh said...

Jerry, I really like what you wrote about language -- that it is just a tool that enables people from different countries to communicate with each other. That's what it's all about, isn't it? You're truly getting involved!