Sunday, July 20, 2008

America QandA

As the lucky dog who has the chance to come to the US, I've been asked a lot of questions by people in China. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and my answers. I'm posting them here for those who can't come. And,these are just my answers, they may not be correct, if some other group members have better answers, just put your comments here :)

Q: How does the time difference feel like?
A: It's like when you chat with your friends in China online,at the end of the conversation, you may say "have a nice day" while they're about to go to bed.

Q: How does American food taste?
A: errr...I don't think there's "American" food, but there are Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese food, etc.As an immigrant country,I don't think there's traditional American food(maybe McDonald's or Wendy's?but why do we call it "French" fries??).But surely you can find something you like.

Q: Is the US a Christian country?
A: well...yes and no, as Ba Lin said, as an American, you wouldn't say you totally don't believe in God at all, religion does have a very strong influence on this country, you can tell from almost everywhere, like tv show, the local currency(they print "In God We Trust" on it), the church(of course) etc.But everyone has the right to choose what they believe in and people do have various religious background here besides Christianity.

Q: US is famous for democracy and freedom, is it true?
A: yes, but it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Last night, there was a Latino party in my hotel but I couldn't go because the law says people under 21 can't go to places where there's alcohol even when I begged for it and promised I wouldn't drink anything,they still wouldn't let us in(what a BUMMER!!). Generally,I think democracy and freedom actually mean you have to respect others and if your way of life doesn't do any harm to anyone,then people shouldn't judge you.

Q: Is there still racism in US?
A: I Do Not believe so. So far, everyone I've met here is very nice and friendly to me and they're always very eager to know and help people from outside of America. Just now I met some girls in my hotel and asked them about American coins because I forgot how to recognize them, they were being so warm-hearted and helped me sort out all of the coins.When I showed them some Chinese money,they were so excited and asked me a lot of questions about China.
I don't think racism is a big problem here. I suggest you all come here if you have a chance.

And here's one I got asked by a LOT of girls and I would like to keep my answer short and clear.
Q: Are American boys cute?
A: yes,they are. (good news for girls,haha)

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