Friday, July 25, 2008

What an amazing luck!

Chinese tend to believe the luck by which people are brought together. American have the similar kind of faith, too. I’ve never imagined making friends and having fun with American students because of luck just in three days’ time. Despite the behavior of departing from the whole group to go with two American guys was crazy and kind of wrong, this experience was really special and impress deeply on us .
Just a few days before, because of our small group mission, we got to know two students in OSU campus. A Taiwanese, Andy and an American, Ruzic,who are of Serbian origin. We talked happily and they showed us their facebook. This morning, abruptly ,they appeared mystically in front of us. They told us that they had canceled all classes and partime job in order to meet us today,while the reason why they did so was to give us surprise ,which verily affected us .At noon, they paid for us Indian cuisine , and invited us to their houses. We had a wonderful time to talk about our different life and culture.They were zeal to us.
All of us believe the luck between people, and if you want to do something to biuid up friendship with people coming from another part of world with different backroud and cultrue , their hearts are always open to you. We are grateful for this peculiar friendship.Thanks to the amazing luck!

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