Friday, July 25, 2008

How expensive is it to enjoy life?

The Scioto Park Country Club was the first thing on our schedule today. It was impressive, the sky there was always blue, grass always green, air always fresh. Sitting on the comfortable chair in the tea yard(of course they are always nice and clean), I was able to get a whole view of the beautiful golf course. It was designed in a way that you could feel you are a part of nature, every detail was carefully selected, reminding me of those fairytales where you can see elves and unicorns. It's a place that makes you feel that you are the prince or princess living in the "perfect" world.

BUT, you can never taste a little bit of it if you're not a millionair.

Later in the day, we went to the German village. With delicious cheeseburger in my mouth, I saw the same blue sky, green grassland and enjoyed the same fresh air.

So, you can spend thousand of dollars living in the "wonderland",or you can spend several bucks enjoying the same thing in a public park while using your wealth in more meaningful ways.

How expensive is it to enjoy life? You can decide.

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Bob Eckhart said...

hi grace....what a great insight. you are correct about private spaces vs. public spaces...sometimes public spaces are just as beautiful and special...and we can use our money not for personal pleasure but for public good.