Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The American church

The American church we visited today is very different from how I thought it was. It seems to me that European church are more concentrated on God, while in American church is people. People play piano in a light tone, clap and sing hip hop in the church. Hundreds of years ago, people were still arguing for whether Bach's music was suitable to play in the church. It's not solemn, but it's easy-going. In spite of how people think of it, Christian has changes a lot in the past two thousand years, and it changes faster in USA. I don't know if it's appropriate, the King of Kings didn't tell me. However, I am sure that things will keep on changing.

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mikelohre said...

hi furtwangler, and i think you have a deep comment here that is very thought provoking for me. thanks for offering your honest insights at all times!

your friend,