Tuesday, July 22, 2008


“We will be on FOX News tonight!” Big smile is dancing on my face.
On July, 19th, after we visited the Air Force Museum, we were having lunch at Wendy’s, when suddenly two TV people from FOX station came into our sight. As a student who is doing broadcasting and hosting , I was excited to come across people with a microphone and a professional video camera. More over, they were from FOX( Since I saw the FOX signal clearly on the microphone) ,the TV station which was famous for the most popular ever---America Idol .And I believe that my two classmates had the same feeling cause we dreamed to be hostesses on TV.
I went nearer to them with Ba Lin,our program designer’s encouragement(actually I planned to get some more ketchup on the table)and tried to talk them.
“Excuse me, are you from TV station?” I asked the lady with microphone.
“Yes.”she answered kindly.
“Actually I am doing broadcasting and hosting too in Wuhan University.” I was so glad to find that we are in the same major.
“Wow, really? That’s so cool.” she said.
“And they are my classmates, we are all in the same major,” I introduced,“I wish I could be your workmate someday!” I was just kidding,haha… But who knows, maybe someday our paths do cross again in FOX.
After this short conversation as a beginning,she interviewed me: How long have you been here? What did you do in the last a few days?What are you guys going to do next after visiting Ohio?
I was happy that I answered these questions fluently generally and introduced our summer program a little bit.
After that, my two dear classmates who are in the same major with me just could not wait to take their turns and speak more to the hostess--- Nikki, of course, Mike--- our kindest road scholar, talked some more details about our program, but unfortunately, I missed the interview cause I went back to my seat since I was starved to death.
At last, we three and our teachers shook hands with Nikki, and Tom—the camera man and took photos with them, we were just so happy and lucky to have them here.
“Were we really on TV that night?” Maybe no, maybe yes but we missed it. But I will truly remember this this experience and make it last forever.

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mikelohre said...

monica, i love your post! thanks for telling that great story, and you know what? you were so brave in introducing yourself and giving that interview. way to go!

thanks for the excellent post and nice to see you on the blog!