Friday, July 25, 2008

My American Dream

I never thought that I could visit America so early, because at first I thought it would take me five or even more years to realize it. That’s really wonderful and exciting to me. Thanks for WHU and OSU that organized such a summer program. And thanks for my parents’ support to my participation. As it is known to all of us, the U.S. is the most developed nation in the whole world so that stepping on the land of America appears to be one of my dreams. Even until now I am feeling a little bit surreal-surreal but nice.

In my life plan, of course, I must go to America, the most powerful country in the world. I am eager to sense and experience something about America by myself rather than gathering information only from books or movies that are-you know-usually far from the reality.

I like America series very much, such as Gossip Girl, Prison Break and Desperate Housewives. From those I can imagine the way American people live and think. Those also stimulate me to step into American world.

What appeals me so much in the U.S.? Maybe the answer should be their attitude to life and the spirit of chasing freedom. What they seek for seems to be individual liberty rather than restraint. For instance, they are good at enjoying themselves by different ways such as traveling, taking interesting courses, dive into the sea of music, or even just sleep. They always have big smiles on their faces and open mind for almost everything.

written by Catherine

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