Monday, July 21, 2008

scavenger hunt&baseball

Today we had the best chance to have a close contact with the campus! Though we did not quite understand the term, we wouldn't let go this precious opportunity. We quickly set off after finding our four destinations on the campus map, figuring out our routes, practicing asking for information and dividing the work. During the 1-hour-and-a-half search, we all found that Americans are very polite and friendly. And most of all, we carried out conversations with native speakers in front of shyness and unconfidence.
In the evening, we were finally taken to a real baseball game! It is really exciting and curiosity to see professional pitchers, beaters and catchers running and beating and catching. From the game, we learned more about the rules of baseball and I think we can carry out a fantastic game, too. And I am looking forward to our next game!

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Bill Holschuh said...

You all did a MAGNIFICENT job, Victor. Wow! You really used your English skills effectively. Now you're a true Buckeye!