Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What’s American: Campus talking & Foosball

I’ve always been longing for chances to talk to local people freely and exchange viewpoints about China and America. What is really lucky for me is that the two person I met today are extremely special and uncommon. First is the cool guy whose name is Tom Bright. He is the vocal on a band, and he can play guitar and bass. He is also interested in karate and taichi. One important thing is that he is vegetarian and he takes no drugs, no cigarette and no alcohol. He is just like the perfect guy.
The second person is a political boy, Matthew B Caffrey, from whom I saw enthusiasm and passion. Everything we talked went to end in politics. Actually he is now in a campaign team running for Obama. He does love his major, which deeply impresses me.
After the communication, we went to RPAC to relax. I learned Ping pong here, which is to some degree sarcastic. I thought I should do something American, so I transferred to play foosball, which I only saw in Friends. I invented a way of striking, and taught it to all other people. At that moment, I had a feeling that I was also cool, and passionate. Maybe that’s something I acquired here.


mikelohre said...

sarah, you always have great posts! thanks for the nice pics and taking the time to share the news. i love that you are being so outgoing and meeting new people and each one's point of view. super!


Louis said...

That's a wonderful post, Sarah. You met two interesting people on campus, and you had the passion and drive to engage in meaningful conversations. Good for you! And congratulations on developing a new foosball move!