Monday, July 21, 2008

We got so many surprises!

Today is the first day we start to take classes taught by teachers in OSU to practice our English .After several days keeping enjoying the travel in America, I thought of having classes as a sort of boring things at first. But when the class began, I definitely toppled down my worry about this.
The morning class was about intelligence. The Professor Hancock is a very kind and humorous person. He just let us search the book to find out the information we may not know about the Einstein before and then spoke out towards the whole class. Through this way we knew a lot about Einstein during a short time and improve and improve our self-confidence because we could consider him as an ordinary man with some shortages like us. Besides, we also knew the theory of multiple intelligences according to Dr.Howard Gardner, which tells us that intelligence, can be defined as 9 different intelligences. What’s more interesting, we all got snacks and drinks during the broken. While the most impressive thing I learned was the African proverb Professor Hancock likes most:”Start where you are but don’t stay there.” I think I would also keep it in my mind.
The lunch time in Mike’s house was amazing. We listened the live band music! This was the first time I’d seen live music. I was deeply intrigued by one of them who are the singer of the band. But the greater thing was that I got his CD with his signature, and I took photo with him wearing his band’s cool sunglass!
The afternoon class was more interesting and .We were divided into 11 groups that was 4 people in one group to gather information about given buildings on campus through talking to the certain people. What made me delighted was that the professor told us we did really a great job because we got so much information.
The baseball game was also exciting. I’d never seen a baseball game but I’ don’t think it was enough attractive for me to watch, on the contrary, I thought it was a little boring. But I took much pleasure in getting a clarinet by turning the prize plate and a T-shirt with hot-dog mark by a coupon .Why the hot-dog?yes!Tonight was “Dime-a-Dog Night”! That meant you can get a hot dog for just a dime!
So, there were so many surprises, right?

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mikelohre said...

Flora, thanks for your expansive post, and I'm so glad you enjoyed some of the surprises we had for you. More importantly, even when something was not as interesting for you, you gave it "a try" and got the most from the experience. Thank you!