Sunday, July 27, 2008

Minding the Home Fort, and delicious Victor-recipe Cabbage

Hi students and friends! Well, I'm mainly posting tonight to say hello to the students as I have to work a couple days here at OSU before I can rejoin the group on Wednesday in New Jersey. But I'll be offering Road Scholar tidbits, history and music through the gmail and can't wait to catch up with everyone on Wednesday. Students, I missed you today and hope you had a great, safe trip today on the bus. I'm sure it was a long day and hope you were able to catch up on your rest on the bus.

I went to church this morning and so many people asked how the group was and said they were delighted to meet some new friends from China. I'm proud of the terrific impression you made on ALL the people here in Ohio! Then I cleaned house like a madman today, did laundry and made lists for all the things to do tomorrow. I will try to meet all the requests you made for business here in Columbus before I rejoin the group and I will start first thing tomorrow morning.

For fun tonight, Bob's mom Claudine called and of course she wanted to hear all about our week. So if you have a feeling about something you wish to write about, make sure you catch up on your blogging in Tennessee when and if you can! Thank you! We still have no entries about teaching the Chinese poems to American students, the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, the Olympic Quiz event and mixer, the shopping trip, Tech Columbus, and the Ohio Historical Society and all those powerful and dramatic photos that won Pulitzer Prizes.

Okay, enough suggestions and of course I know you have a busy schedule there too!

Claudine showed me how to make the cabbage tonight, as she learned from Miss Guan and the great recipe Victor gave to me for the Rock and Roll lunch, and our cabbage tonight was VERY good! I love that stuff and ate about one huge full plate of it. We will get better each time we make it but I ate each piece up as fast as Loki can eat a hot dog from your hand, and you know that is very very FAST! ha ha ha. Claudine joked that we can open a Cabbage Deli near the OSU campus and start a new business together. What do you think? I think we would have a lot of customers from Wuhan, lol!

Henry (Bob's dad), Claudine and I then had a nice supper together, so here are some pictures of our efforts. Yes, that's a pork chop too, and I ate that done to the bare bone. Yumm!

One last thing: I also talked to Bob briefly, as he was just starting his day in China, and he's so happy to read the blog and hear that the program is going well. He wishes everyone a great trip to Tennessee!

Of course remember you are Buckeyes now, so don't get your loyalties turned upside down, ha ha ha. Go Bucks!

Have a great time there, seriously, and good night students and friends.

The Roads Scholar,


P.S. And some of you students who wrote me, don't worry, I will get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight. No more dark circles under my eyes when you see me on Wednesday!


Jorge said...
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Sophia said...

Mike~of course we all missing u so much!and I have to say that OSU is MUCH BETTER than Tennessee!(hope it will not be read by THE OTHERS)Haha,and in here it's very difficult to get the Internet,it is only can used in the library,so may be we have to slow down the blog,sorry~
Have a nice day^~^

Sodagreen_April said...

Actually, we are not that busy today.However, it is not easy for us to access to the internet.
UT has its own beauty which is different from OUS and I don't think we have enough time to discover it~~so don't worry about our buckeye loyalties! Hiahia~~