Thursday, July 24, 2008

Make Sense

Thanks to Mike that we all have a wonderful chance to communicate with his students. I had an unforgettable afternoon to experience a typical American English class which I participated in rather than just be a listener as a few days before when I was in a math class.

At first, the teacher talks about translation and how can we translate poetry from a language to another. Then we all found an American student as our partner to work out. Our task is to translate a Chinese poem to English. ,theirs, vice versa.

I tried my best to tell my partner what’s this Du mu’s poem is about, but it’s really difficult to express the deep thoughts under the poem, Even if it’s really simple. I experienced how hard it is to let a foreigner realize Chinese culture. What I can do is just translate Du mu’s Poem literally which I think doesn’t make any sense at all. However, on the other hand, without my help, he would do nothing facing to those Chinese characters. Actually, I do make a lot of sense.

I enjoy this kind of culture exchange and that make sense!

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