Sunday, July 20, 2008

The bridges of people

We are always looking forward what a country of freedom looks like, and what kind of religion and lifestyle a good country exists, besides, we are also wondering why these people’s thoughts are different from us. So, I think this summer program is very helpful and meaningful. Especially this morning, today’s short visit at Mike’s church impressed me deeply.
On the way to the church, Mike had shown a great proud of his church, through his words, we can find the church is very comprehensive. It welcomes all the people, no matter whether he is white or black, no matter whether he is rich or poor, no matter whether he is educated or never-educated, and the church doesn’t require its people to hand in some money, it is all about truly love to God. Furthermore, the church will try its best to help different people get jobs or find a home.
So, we are visiting the church with a great expectation, and after all, it definitely doesn’t let us down. The church is amazing beautiful, from the flowers outside to the colorful window inside, we can find a peaceful and dreamful happy-land in great harmony
The chorus gave us a deeply understanding of the special ceremony and a refresh wash to our souls at the same time, some of the members are ordinary people, they are not professional, but their heart to heart performance is really moving. And there is another part impressed me deeply, the kids’ show. The children’s moments were all held by little kids and their nice parents, through this part, I can see a society which is growing through the gaining kids, and founded by little adults with much gratitude. But the very moment that softened my heart was the chief’s speech. The nice old man said, “Praying is thinking yourself into the God’s world, and the most important thing is to connect to the God’s will.” I think these words mean a lot, and everyone should think about it. He then talked about the bridges, the bridges between different people, from different countries, from different religions. But the bridges are important; some people think heaven is a way of avoiding thinking about today’s trouble, but we should work hard to build our today’s world just like the heaven. By how? By accomplishing bridges over gaps, and God can’t do this without our own work, and us can’t achieve this without God.
´╝ęthink this speech is much more than the only religion, and it can benefit much more people in spite of sitting in the church, and what we can do to take every advantages of it is to think it well and make our own answers in our truly hearts.

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