Saturday, July 19, 2008

A family

Though tired today, we knew each other better through running, yielding and laughing on sports courts and the grass; though sun tanned, we experienced the real American life—cooking and eating like a family. The process was the best thing to recall. On the baseball diamond, everyone swung hard to hit the ball as far as possible, ran fast to touch the bases and cheered up for scoring. Nobody cared or even remembered their nationality; everybody, native and foreign, enjoyed the national sport of America. It is, in my opinion, the only way that we can really experience the American culture and to understand Americans life style. In addition, after today’s outing, we all found that we knew each other better and many people started to talk to people they never had a conversation before. This is a good start!

I Love Wendy's!

I’ve always been longing for a chance to eat in Wendy’s, which has been in many movies and TV shows, but not in China. Actually, there was a time when my English name was Wendy, which was given by my mother. So it makes Wendy’s more special to me. What also makes this chance more special is the appearance of the journalist from the TV station. I do not major in hosting, so I didn’t get to interview the journalist, but I made the photographer take a lot of pictures of my eating and advertised for Wendy’s shouting things like “it tastes really good”. Appearing in Ohio TV sounds so cool, right? Well, it does taste really good, especially the potato chips. Besides, in the car, Mike told us about the story of Wendy’s, which I personally love. I do love Wendy’s, and it deserves to be honored as pride of Columbus.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny experience in Columbus,OH

I've been here for 3 days and having a lot of fun. Certainly the campus tour and the leture on US government system in city hall were interesting and informative, but somehow, the funny part of me is also interested in something else that shows the fun side of common American people. So, let's have some American style of humor.

No.1 : interesting card in supermarket
We were wandering around in Giant Eagle, then I ran into this "awesome" card, it says:
A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can
spend. A succesful woman is one who can find such a man. :D

No.2: lunch chat in campus
We had lunch in OSU students dinning hall yesterday and chatted a little with 2 high school boys who were in a sports camp here.
me: So the US government has some sort of sensorship?
Joseph(one of the boys): Yes, it's just because of detecting terrorism.
me: like how?
Joseph: It's just may be detected by saying " oven
just exploded and the chicken were all bombed up!"

No.3: funny laws in US
We listened to the lecture in city hall this morning and got to know that the state legislatures can pass laws as long as it doesn't defy the federal law or the Constitution. So you can find some really funny state laws. Here are some Ohio state laws I find from the internet:
It is illegal to fish for whales on Sunday.

It is illegal to get a fish drunk.

It is illegal for more than five women to live in a house.

No one may be arrested on Sunday or on the Fourth of July.

Haha,so have you got some American humor? come join us and find some more!

Shelley's Excellent Collage

reflection on a detail

Another great day with sunshine, a full stomach and heavy legs. Besides all our practice of ”O""H""I""O", we get to know something serious and political--the government of America. After our pretending to be president or mayor of Columbus, we know more about the organization of American government. How it is elected and how it functions. From the handout according to the lecture, I noticed that citizens were always at the very top of every level of US government--federal level, state level and city level. I did not ask the speaker the reason of this arrangement due to time limit. But as a personal guess, I think this is the implication that the government, no matter how big or strong it is, should be the representative of its citizens and serve the majority of its citizens; no matter how small or poor it is, it should say and act for its people . Our government, I think, has the similar goal with America in this aspect but we can never see such arrangement in China. And that it what we should learn in addition to fun and relaxation.

We Rock!

Today is a wonderful day. First, we acted like officials of Columbus and took a lot of photos sitting on their chairs with their names on. It’s really cool. Later we went to the Statehouse. To tell the truth, I’ve never been so close to politics before.
Then we went to Saint Maria to take the “perfect” photos of the downtown, where the “photo for fun” suddenly became a competition of our inspiration of posing “O-H-I-O” in different ways. Our group, as Group E, certainly had a strong desire of winning. After a variety of poses, we finally came up with an idea of picturing our shadows, which is really a work of art, showing the perception “simple is the best”. Thanks Effi for her original idea.
We showed our great work to Ba Lin and Mike, who promised us a grand prize. Ba Lin said, “You girls rock!” Yes, we really rock!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello, America! Here we are!

After a long long journey on the plane, we finally arrived in Chicago, U.S.A. Though tired, we were exited about the tour around Chicago downtown and the Navy Piers. But not until our first day in Ohio State University, did we get to know a real American college life.
We really had a good time today, and we are looking forward to the next ten days in Ohio. Here are a few diaries concerning our experiences and feelings today from reporters of our group.

First day in Ohio: The most impressible stadium

Today we have been visit the campus of the University of Ohio. The environment there is really beautiful. As I can not find any appropriate word to describe this amazing campus in this nice land, so I just use a simple “beautiful”, but I think all of us can really feel that “beautiful”. Teachers there are also nice too. They are really warm, giving us a nice talk so as to let us know more detailed of both the Ohio and their University.
But for me, today it is their stadium that impresses me most. To tell the truth, although I am from Beijing, the capital of China and it may be able to be one of the best place in China, their Big, modern, multifunctional, convenient but cheap stadium really make me astonished. I saw their boys and girls were happy swimming in the cute small pool and I also could think of the swimmers competing in another professional swimming pool. Although I miss the chance to swim in this fantastic pool, I am glad I have played basketball in their equally nice basketball court. Mike and Balin are really nice players: Mike are really strong and when he run he just like a Bull, fast and power. I believe when he was in my age, he may be the best player of the college. Balin is a good shooter and his pass is also nice. And all the other guys also did a nice job. And then we four guys were also playing with two American guys, one of them was so strong ( like a small tank! yeah,really) that I dare not to defense him.
Those are some of my feelings to share with all of you, and I wish you will join us and speak out your feelings that we can enjoy it together.

Some feelings for my first day in the OSU

After a quite exhausting day, presently in the midnight, I’m staying in my bed and trying to recall this whole day exciting experience. Actually I do have a word to share with all you guys.
For the all day long, I just keep continuously meeting very great people around the beautiful campus of OSU. I talk with them, make really good friend with them all and unbelievably get much information. I think I’m now sort of know better about the US and inhabitants here. I’m happy indeed.
Guess what, people here are really curious about Chinese people, more or less the same way we are curious about the US and her people. In this way, when we have a conversation, surprisingly I find out that, for the most time I’m the guy being asked questions. That’s interesting.
tell you what, native people here, black and white, are really nice, warm, and kind-hearted. They tell me a lot about how their daily life goes and how they feel about certain international affairs. In this way, we change opinions and become good friends, joking around and having a lot of fun.
About my true feeling about the United States, just as I told a student of the OSU when we sharing lunch in the student dining hall, I think is different, everything and everywhere. I want ask questions about some stuff, I’m too confused to decide where I should begin. So I give up eventually, and just keep my eyes open all along the way and listen carefully to what people near me are talking about.
Culture is a really big word. So if you get some really useful information about the cultural difference, you must come down to details in people daily life and talk naturally with local people without just asking questions, I think that may be kind of impolite.

Great OSU, a great day

If you allow me to conclude the first day in OSU in one word, I would suggest excitement. Other words came in mind just after are curiosity and OHIO! OH~~IO! ~
With all things about RPAC, the most memorable moment is when I asked another Mike the best question of the day. And as a reward, I got the Recky!
Thank you Ba Lin, Mike and other officers for your warm greetings and orientation! We are looking forward to the next 10 days in Ohio because of you guys and of our wonderful experience in OSU today.

Wuhan 46 arrive safely

We were hoping to have the students themselves posting tonight, but problems with the internet at the hotel is keeping many of them from simply emailing their family and friends back in China, and that is the important task right now, to let everyone know that all are safe and well here in the States, despite Wuhan-like heat and of course, jet lag.

But we had a great first day and the students were troopers, who took a campus tour this morning, had lunch at the cafeteria on the campus, and then enjoyed some relaxation, sports, and swimming at the Recreation facility this afternoon.  We ended the day with a trip to the movies and some small shopping and eating adventures before going back to the hotel.  All in all, a good first day, and hopefully some of the students will be here tomorrow with more specific words, memories, and reflections, along with stories and photos of the long trip from China (via Korea)!

Good night, friends, it's already tomorrow.  Know that we are happy and well here in America after a full first day in Columbus.


Some feeling for my very first day in OSU

First day in Ohio

As a girl, the most shocking thing I first realized here is that Americans never use umbrellas to protect themselves from the burning sun. It's really lucky that I brought a hat here, but I am ready to let myself get a sun tan and look healthy.

The sports facilities in the OSU are pretty good. Maybe a good environment can encourage us to do sports and keep fit. If I were a student here, I would go to the RPAC everyday, bringing a book and a mp3, just to relax.

When I had lunch on the campus dining hall, I went to sit with an American and chat with him. It feels good talking to native people, by the way, Americans are nice and friendly to us. I learned a lot about current American society and the local people's perspectives about China. The experience indeed benefited me. Maybe tomorrow, or in the following days, I will try to talk to different people to help me gain more information which I am always longing to get.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I am ready to welcome you in Chicago

Hi all students,
I will ride the big bus tomorrow to Chicago, "My Kind of Town". See you all at the airport. 
Have a safe trip.

BA Lin.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We are very happy to know you are coming!

Hello, good students in Wuhan, China!  I hope by now you will have met our esteemed leader, Dr. Minru Lee and his right-hand team leader, Bob Eckhart.  We trust they will give you a tremendous orientation for the journey you are about to begin.

In just two days, team leader Ba Lin will be meeting you at the airport in Chicago .  He is really looking forward to meeting you all, and as team leaders we are both very excited for your safe arrival and the excellent Summer Program we believe we will have for you here in Columbus, Ohio, and destinations afar.

One great thing we can do on this trip is to use this blog that I have created.  In fact, I will be giving the students some small assignments from time to time to make sure that we keep a record and a reflection of our travel and education.  We want to include our friends in both China and America in your journey and this blog will allow that to happen.

Here's your first assignment, and I'm hoping Bobby Eckhart and Minru can help you do this.  To post on this blog, all students will need a Gmail account.  This is easy to set up when you get here, but it would be EVEN BETTER if you could set up a simple Gmail account BEFORE you come.  If any of you students can get this done, kindly e-mail me at with your Gmail address.  This way, I can get you all added to the blog.

Have a SAFE and HAPPY journey to Chicago, and see you later this week.  We can't wait to see you and begin to BUILD BRIDGES between the United States and China, through travel, study, and friendship.

All best,

Mike Lohre