Friday, July 18, 2008

reflection on a detail

Another great day with sunshine, a full stomach and heavy legs. Besides all our practice of ”O""H""I""O", we get to know something serious and political--the government of America. After our pretending to be president or mayor of Columbus, we know more about the organization of American government. How it is elected and how it functions. From the handout according to the lecture, I noticed that citizens were always at the very top of every level of US government--federal level, state level and city level. I did not ask the speaker the reason of this arrangement due to time limit. But as a personal guess, I think this is the implication that the government, no matter how big or strong it is, should be the representative of its citizens and serve the majority of its citizens; no matter how small or poor it is, it should say and act for its people . Our government, I think, has the similar goal with America in this aspect but we can never see such arrangement in China. And that it what we should learn in addition to fun and relaxation.

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mikelohre said...

victor, this is so thoughtful. thank you for posting your insights and the image!