Thursday, July 17, 2008

First day in Ohio

As a girl, the most shocking thing I first realized here is that Americans never use umbrellas to protect themselves from the burning sun. It's really lucky that I brought a hat here, but I am ready to let myself get a sun tan and look healthy.

The sports facilities in the OSU are pretty good. Maybe a good environment can encourage us to do sports and keep fit. If I were a student here, I would go to the RPAC everyday, bringing a book and a mp3, just to relax.

When I had lunch on the campus dining hall, I went to sit with an American and chat with him. It feels good talking to native people, by the way, Americans are nice and friendly to us. I learned a lot about current American society and the local people's perspectives about China. The experience indeed benefited me. Maybe tomorrow, or in the following days, I will try to talk to different people to help me gain more information which I am always longing to get.

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