Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some feelings for my first day in the OSU

After a quite exhausting day, presently in the midnight, I’m staying in my bed and trying to recall this whole day exciting experience. Actually I do have a word to share with all you guys.
For the all day long, I just keep continuously meeting very great people around the beautiful campus of OSU. I talk with them, make really good friend with them all and unbelievably get much information. I think I’m now sort of know better about the US and inhabitants here. I’m happy indeed.
Guess what, people here are really curious about Chinese people, more or less the same way we are curious about the US and her people. In this way, when we have a conversation, surprisingly I find out that, for the most time I’m the guy being asked questions. That’s interesting.
tell you what, native people here, black and white, are really nice, warm, and kind-hearted. They tell me a lot about how their daily life goes and how they feel about certain international affairs. In this way, we change opinions and become good friends, joking around and having a lot of fun.
About my true feeling about the United States, just as I told a student of the OSU when we sharing lunch in the student dining hall, I think is different, everything and everywhere. I want ask questions about some stuff, I’m too confused to decide where I should begin. So I give up eventually, and just keep my eyes open all along the way and listen carefully to what people near me are talking about.
Culture is a really big word. So if you get some really useful information about the cultural difference, you must come down to details in people daily life and talk naturally with local people without just asking questions, I think that may be kind of impolite.

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