Sunday, July 13, 2008

We are very happy to know you are coming!

Hello, good students in Wuhan, China!  I hope by now you will have met our esteemed leader, Dr. Minru Lee and his right-hand team leader, Bob Eckhart.  We trust they will give you a tremendous orientation for the journey you are about to begin.

In just two days, team leader Ba Lin will be meeting you at the airport in Chicago .  He is really looking forward to meeting you all, and as team leaders we are both very excited for your safe arrival and the excellent Summer Program we believe we will have for you here in Columbus, Ohio, and destinations afar.

One great thing we can do on this trip is to use this blog that I have created.  In fact, I will be giving the students some small assignments from time to time to make sure that we keep a record and a reflection of our travel and education.  We want to include our friends in both China and America in your journey and this blog will allow that to happen.

Here's your first assignment, and I'm hoping Bobby Eckhart and Minru can help you do this.  To post on this blog, all students will need a Gmail account.  This is easy to set up when you get here, but it would be EVEN BETTER if you could set up a simple Gmail account BEFORE you come.  If any of you students can get this done, kindly e-mail me at with your Gmail address.  This way, I can get you all added to the blog.

Have a SAFE and HAPPY journey to Chicago, and see you later this week.  We can't wait to see you and begin to BUILD BRIDGES between the United States and China, through travel, study, and friendship.

All best,

Mike Lohre


shelley said...

First one!^^
Many thanks to Mr. Lohre!
And many thanks to all the people worked for this program!
I'm one of the students who are about to go to Ohio, America. And 25 hours later, we are on the airplane.
I'm very exciting now^^

Monica said...

Hi Mike..big mike..haha,looking forwrd to see you :D
I was Bob's student of the Summer Program last year in Wuhan and i saw you several times:)