Thursday, July 17, 2008

First day in Ohio: The most impressible stadium

Today we have been visit the campus of the University of Ohio. The environment there is really beautiful. As I can not find any appropriate word to describe this amazing campus in this nice land, so I just use a simple “beautiful”, but I think all of us can really feel that “beautiful”. Teachers there are also nice too. They are really warm, giving us a nice talk so as to let us know more detailed of both the Ohio and their University.
But for me, today it is their stadium that impresses me most. To tell the truth, although I am from Beijing, the capital of China and it may be able to be one of the best place in China, their Big, modern, multifunctional, convenient but cheap stadium really make me astonished. I saw their boys and girls were happy swimming in the cute small pool and I also could think of the swimmers competing in another professional swimming pool. Although I miss the chance to swim in this fantastic pool, I am glad I have played basketball in their equally nice basketball court. Mike and Balin are really nice players: Mike are really strong and when he run he just like a Bull, fast and power. I believe when he was in my age, he may be the best player of the college. Balin is a good shooter and his pass is also nice. And all the other guys also did a nice job. And then we four guys were also playing with two American guys, one of them was so strong ( like a small tank! yeah,really) that I dare not to defense him.
Those are some of my feelings to share with all of you, and I wish you will join us and speak out your feelings that we can enjoy it together.

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