Monday, August 4, 2008

So Many Hours On The Bus, But Still. . .Things I Miss About the Bus

Hans, Lynda and I arrived back in Columbus tonight about 11 pm after a long ride home from Chicago. We slept a bit but also mostly talked so much about everyone who was NOT in the bus. And you know, it's all you amazing students who are right now still in the air to Korea, on your way home. I can't believe the program is over, and now that it is, I really wish it was NOT. I even miss the van driving and all the bus time!

Wow, today after we left you at the airport, the bus was so empty with just us in it. We missed the singing. We missed the jokes and laughing. The stories. The questions. The Mafia! ha ha ha, and how come the Killers always win?! The sleeping. The eating and snack breaks (wasn't that ice cream at Princeton good?!) Even the grumbling we miss! Mostly, we miss the voices, the personalities, and the great relationships we had with our friends from China, and for us three amigos coming home today, it made the trip home somewhat melancholy. But I'm so thankful for the time we had and I know it is just "see you!" and not goodbye for many of our new friends. I know that we really feel blessed to have had such a wonderful time with all of you students. We can't wait to hear from you here on the blog and in emails. I guess what I want to say just plainly is WE REALLY MISS YOU ALL. And we will continue to miss you because life is more special when our friends from China are in it.

So, travel safe, friends, and know that all of us (Ba Lin, Hans, Lynda, I) are home to Columbus safe and you are all in our thoughts and/or prayers.

No longer your Roads Scholar, but always your friend,

Mike Lohre


Effi Xu said...

When we got off the bus that took us from the airport to campus, I just couldn't help myself saying to the driver,'Good night, Linda!'

I can't believe this once-in-a-life-time trip is just over. And I miss ya'll!

Monica said...

i miss you Mike,so much!and Hans,Linda...everyone in the group.
Keep in touch:>
I believe the beautiful memories about the trip will last forever

Sodagreen_April said...

The last 24 hours in China,I just can't help keep reviewing the thick and thin we went through together all these days~

I have to say, U are the TOP1 nice guy ! U also have suffered a lot, so just relex and enjoy our following posting !

Sarah ~ Wang Xiao said...

Back in China, losing contact with all you guys, I deeply miss you all and cherish every moment we had together.