Saturday, August 9, 2008

2 ceremonies in one day

I focused myself on 2 ceremonies on Aug.8th,2008,of course one was the opening ceremony of beijing olympic,and the other was...the closing ceremony of wuhan summer program.
As i was in the wuhan program last summer,so i wanna meet some of the teacher i familiar to(Such as Bob:D),and what's more,2 of our Wuhan to Ohio program will make a presentation there,so i fancied an afternoon to it:)
the closing ceremony was began with a speech by Principal.Liu of Wuda,it was the very first time i heard him speak english,he amazed me by his good english.haha -Princepal.Liu is making a speech-
after that,Mr.Li(Hans's father)made a speech too,to express his feeling about the program and showed his thanks to many people,include some of teachers in Wuda and Hans,haha.then Principal Liu gave Mr.Li,Mr.Zhao and Bob rewards to appreciate their contribution to the program both in Wuhan and the U.S .

here comes the pictures of our sister and brothers' presentations.Helen reported what we had learn in America(the education part) and gave lots of details about what we learned from Suzy,Bill,Charles s' classes and showed a PPT with some photoes on it.interentingly,she shouted"go bucks!"at the beginning of her presentation many times and everyone followed her,:D that was so cool.haha
Sean did the cultural exchange part and reported what we enjoyed in the U.S,including watching a baseball game,seeing a movie and going to a church.he said :"personally,i like OSU better..." "O-H?" "I-O!"we responded loudly.haha,you should never worry about our Ohio loyalty,hahaha.i guess everyone remembered "go bucks"and "O-H-I-O"thing deeply in mind:D

the closing ceremony varies from dacing ,singing to poem and even yoga exhibition,that was awesome. -Don and his poetry club-
-unique yoga exhibition-
-singsing campfire songs-
-all the teachers and volunteers singing "Welcome to Beijing"-
i think the reports----- "top 10 things U.S teachers love about chinese students","top 10 things Chinese students love about U.S teachers","top 10 things Chinese students don't love about the U.S teachers",and"top 10 things the U.S teachers don't love about Chinese students and suggestions" are the highlights of the closing,the reports are fun and special,what i remenber about thoese "tops" are:
"they love China,Wuhan and Wuda,and some of them can even speak a little Chinese!"----this is the top 1 of"top 10 things Chinese students love about U.S teachers,and i have the same feeling:D
one of the"top 10 the U.S teachers don't love about Chinese students" is "you only look at the teacher(but not your classmates)during your presentation or speech(how many of you are there?!we ALL have faces and are looking at YOU) " haha...this make me think about myself...
the top 1 of it is"you say 'firstly' when you start speaking and 'that's ALL' when you finish speaking(we know when you are starting or ending,but obviously is just not very creative or interesting)"that 's also what i sometimes do,haha...i may not use these words too many times in the future.
"top 10 things Chinese students don't love about the U.S teachers" are very interesting. "their english is perfect and sometimes they just can't understand out Chinglish." "we have to look up when talking to those tall teachers and it hurts our necks!" "some teachers are so handsome or beautiful that we can't concentrate on their lessons." 'U.S teachers give us lots of cookies,candies and ice-cream that after the program,we have to go on a diet!" i just couldn't help to laugh out when hearing these things,haha.but the top 1 is "they just stay here for one month and it's time to say goodbye."hearing this, i suddenly realized how strongly friendship they built during such a short time just like we did :) still,there is no "goodbye",but "see you soon."
ps,when the closing was over,i went out and saw one of the teachers was holding an umbrella,hahaha...
after i got home,i just waited for the opening of beijing olympics,it was such a wonderful feast that worthy to remember forever:>


Hans said...

O H....

Grace said...

I O,hehe,"you should never worry about our Ohio loyalty" :)

Catherine said... unforggetable experoence!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures,just beautiful.Ty Tyvm.Keep them coming, later,Linda