Friday, August 8, 2008

G4 in USA~~~

G4 in Washington DC! We just looked like rock stars in our first CD album!

Don't judge our pose, we are not in THAT group,Ok? G4 plus HUIZHU~
G4's formal performance in the genius's hug! Why is there a running guy behind us?
We are great!!!Go Buck! Go China! Go Wuda!
United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was founded just in front of the United Nations!!!!
The crazy night we had in Friday's!

G4 and plus 2 are always a famliy!!! USA~WE WILL BE BACK~~~~


mikelohre said...

sophia! so great to see your post and pictures this morning. i'm so glad you had such a tight friendship on the trip and enjoyed your time here. i miss you guys and keep the posts coming. and WOW, the opening of the Olympics was astonishing last night. i loved it! GO OLYMPICS!

Catherine said...

SO lovely you kids are!

Hans said...

hahhahaha, g4 rocks my socks!