Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello & Goodbye !

Only twenty days before we said hello excitedly with curiosity,
Already has been two days since we said goodbye reluctantly with sorrow.

What's in between?
mountains and oceans,
ups and downs,
once and forevers,
... ...
Time past and yesterday left.
Something is dazzling without rest.

All that between hello and goodbye,
will take me a long time to review and,
a lifetime to forget.


mikelohre said...

april, i miss you! thanks for the post and hope to hear more of your reflections and your thoughts on the trip. thanks for posting and hope you are recovering well from the long trip home to China! your friend, mike

Monica said...

wow,The words is so beautiful...

keep in touch~
best wishes.

linda said...

Hi all, 1st,these comments from me are gonna be few and far between. lol I also stink at typing.But I didn't say it would never happen.:-) ok, here goes, You guys are unbelievable!! lol.I had what I really think the best time I've ever had with a any group on my bus. You really made me feel like one of you, and thats special,I call all of you my friends and to that I say ty tyvm.My comments on the experience was overall good.I had a blast and if you did too ,then alls good! Well guys, this is short and sweet ,miss all of you ,I tell all that ask and will listen(lol)GREAT TRIP!!I would be honored to do it again. I dont say bye, I say later and take care. LOVE , Linda p.s. Dont check mail very often either, but will eventually ,so dont give up on me.