Wednesday, August 6, 2008

pizza picnic in Princeton

-pizza with model-

All the memories about the trip is still swirling on my mind,i still have so many things to post,so many photos to share with all of you.
Princeton day is one of my favourite parts during the trip,amazing buildings,ice-cream on the bus(Thank you Mike!)and pizza under the was not very hot that day,the sun was shining brightly,without air conditional,some of us chose to have pizza in the shadow of the tree.i guess it's more fun to eat sitting on the ground and it's also the best way to feel this small but wonderful town,i was totally refreshed by the air and everbody enjoyed pizza so much.It will reminds me of Prinston when i go to Pizzahut in Wuhan everytime in the future,hahaha...


mikelohre said...

hi monica! thanks for the nice pictures and the excellent post. it was so fun to see it and remember our great day in princeton!

miss you!


Catherine said...


Hans said...

hahahaha, great pictures!

the day at princeton was a lot of fun for me as well.

definitely keep in touch.