Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Go Beijing Olympics!

Dear All:
Simple hand-shaking was my Goodbye to you in Columbus. Knowing you were in good hands of big Mike, but I was still nervous about your remaining trip to Indianapolis and Chicago. I wished I could accompany you all the way to the end just as I picked up you at the beginning 3 weeks ago. Did you see that old train station behind Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Hotel and did you swim at the beautiful pool there? Who said America did not run the train anymore!

Now, finally, I am relieved to know all of you students were safely back in Wuhan.

I have slept like a pig and have recovered in the past 3 days after I slept only 4--5 hours each day for 20 days in a row.
Dear Dorothy (Liu Chang), thank you very much for the greeting card, and I have got rid of some of my black eyeshadows. I hope you would rest well too, and I wish you the best.

Overall, we executed the program very much according to the plan, and I hope the broad range and in-depth content and activities of the program have given you students a lot to learn and experience and to reflect.

But nothing is perfect, as some students complained about: too much bus ride and waste of time (Columbus--TN, TN--NY, DC--Chicago), sometimes too much fast food particularly on the road when riding the bus, some students still felt hungry after eating the fast food, too little time at Columbia University, some students did not like and appreciate the farm visiting at all even though many liked it very much, ..... , not very organized in TNU.

I know, though we tried our best, it was almost impossible to satisfy every student's individual need on evey day. Still, I admit we could do better, and we can improve the program further in the future.

Thank you for all the trust and understanding. Have a good summer. Take care.

Go Beijing Olympics: Did I hear China Women Soccer team just beated Sweden in the opening game? I hope all the girls of this Wuda program have the courage and fighting spirit of China Women team to exercise and be healthy, and to overcome all the difficulties life may throw at you in years to come. I believe you will and you can.
After all, Life is a bitter-sweet journey (just like this 20-day trip), which you all (boys and girls) have just embarked on! Enjoy Life, not just study.

Keep in touch...... your friend, BA Lin.

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