Monday, July 28, 2008

American Ways

Early this afternoon, we had a somewhat trivial, tedious yet endless lecture. So I was planning to doze-off when a pastoral poet-looking old man came into the auditorium.

Once he began, I was refreshed.

He gave us an emotional and inspiring presention on American Ways by connect the present and the past. Starting from the idea that today is the extention of history, he read a few sentences from some critical documents in the US history which could represent the root of US spirit. Concepts like "We the people","under the God","government by the people for the people of the people" illustrated the culture and conventions of America.

Govenment services the people, hence Americans seem arrogant;
Personal inner circle is well protected, hence Americans say "Excuse me" tons of times.;
Creator keeps watching, hence Amerians work hard for the "holly rewards";
... ...

I always believe that both expressing oneself and understanding others are great arts which call for specific intelligences. But without knowing and respecting the ways of people behave, none of the talents could work.
I feel lucky to be sober during Professor Accawi's lecture. I love it !

ps: Even though it is crucial to distinguish "friendly" and "friend" in the US, I will always remember Mike's saying"we our group will be family after this three weeks" and never ever stop to contribute to our great familyship !

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